Which Three Top Footballers Have the Chance to Score the Most Goals and Win the Golden Boot in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

There are millions of fans, if not billions that are eager to see which footballer will score the most goals and win the golden boot award in the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup. There is a lot of anticipation for this award because there are a lot of talented and skilled footballers in this competition. Also, due to the fact that there are many footballers that have the possible chance to win this award, online sports bookies like sinlicencia.org provide excellent odds on who will win the award and score the most goals. Therefore, to help you decide on the best possible player that will win the award, within this article, we have done some research and found out for you, the previous number of goals scored by each of the top players in the 2018 Russian World Cup.

Harry Kane – Winner in the 2018 World Cup (6 Goals)

The fact that Harry Kane won the Golden Boot award in the 2018 World Cup has helped to establish his reputation. Even though England’s team was ultimately unsuccessful in their semi-final match against Croatia, the top player for England scored a total of six goals throughout that run. Kane is more well-recognised as the ace of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League, and it is anticipated that he will demonstrate his scoring skills in the 2022 World Cup.

In addition to that, Kane’s secondary objective for England this time around is to go farther into the tournament. Their run in 2018 nearly took them all the way to the championship game, and maybe his ambition to score more goals and help England win larger was defined by the fact that they lost to Belgium in the play-off for third place.

Kylian Mbappe (4 Goals in 2018)

Kylian Mbappe’s World Cup campaign in 2018 was marked by a strong showing, as he scored four goals throughout the tournament. The star player for Paris Saint-Germain ended the World Cup not only as the winner of the tournament but also as the recipient of the award for the best young player.

Mbappe was instrumental in France’s victory against Croatia in the championship game, which France won 4-2 thanks to Mbappe’s heroics. The star player for PSG scored the last goal that put an end to the game for good, capping off a remarkable comeback for the side. Fans anticipate that he will show even more signs of progress and guide France to successive championship victories.

Cristiano Ronaldo (4 Goals in 2018)

The bold run that Portugal had in the 2018 World Cup was spearheaded by Cristiano Ronaldo. Fans were happy to see Ronaldo step up and become a trustworthy leader and scorer for the national team, even if the squad’s campaign was cut short by an unexpected defeat to Uruguay by a score of 2-1.

In spite of the fact that Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are often recognized as being the two finest football players in the world, it is reasonable to state that the antics of both players are always entertaining to watch. Nevertheless, if Portugal wants a chance of winning the World Cup, Ronaldo will need to be a scoring form.

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