The owners of 12 clubs are driven only by greed, they don’t care about sports

A successful performance in one Champions League season could bring a European top club more than € 100 million, while the Super League gives over € 300 million per season, excluding results.

The owners of 12 renegade clubs don’t want to rely on randomness or unpredictability – the qualities that make football specialSports are not important to them. For them, football is a business. And in business, perspective and long-term planning are important.

For 12 renegade clubs, predictability (the enemy of sport) is good. Predictability minimizes risks. Income will be guaranteed, there is no need to be afraid that you will fly past the Champions League.

Children dream of winning the World Cup or the Champions League – but not the Super League. The joy of big matches is only because they happen once or twice a year, but not every week … ”

Mesut Ozil

“The truth is, these so-called superclubs are poorly managed money-burning machines. At a time of incredible market development, they weren’t even close to developing a sustainable business model. If I were an investor, I would wonder if these are the right partners for the business. In the end, they will burn the money from the Super League just like they burned money from the Champions League, ”said the head of the Bundesliga Christian Seufert in February.

The debt of “Barcelona” exceeded one billion euros, Milan “Inter” cannot pay off “Real” for the transfer of Hakimi, “Arsenal” and “Tottenham” applied for state help, “Real” did not make a single transfer in the summer.

Arsenal do not want to be left behind teams like Leicester and West Ham. Juventus does not want to be eliminated in the Champions League from Ajax, Lyon and Porto.

“I fell in love with football, football fans, and I had a dream to see my team play against the best. If the Super League is created, this dream will die. The hopes of fans of other clubs to see their teams win over the giants will come to an end. I love football and I cannot keep quiet about it. I believe in an improved Champions League, but not this robbery by the rich. It has nothing to do with the finest sport on earth. ”

Ander Herrera

The owners of 12 renegade clubs do not think about the development of football, and the way they seduce us with loud signs (top match every week!) Is only PR and a cover for their inept management and unwillingness to understand what football is. They don’t care about trophies, they don’t care about victories. Only income increasing every year. Ask Arsenal fans.

For the owners of 12 renegade clubs, national flavor and cultural differences are not important. They are indifferent to their loyal fans, who are ready to fill the 70,000-thousandth Old Trafford on a cold February evening to watch a boring zero match with Burnley. The club is a local pride, an integral part of its community – none of this matters to them. Only the global market, only the development of brands, only the sale of “content”, not the fans, but the “consumers”.

“What is a football club? They are not buildings, management, or people who are paid money to represent him. These are not TV contracts, compensation amounts, marketing departments, or VIP boxes.

A football club is an atmosphere, it is passion, it is devotion and pride in its city.

Sir Bobby Robson

I understand that it is pointless to defend UEFA and the leadership of the national leagues. It is clear that there is a “money versus money” war going on. But I am against the disappearance of competition. A tournament from which it is impossible to fly out, and in which it is impossible to get into – for me it does not make sense.

Therefore, I will not watch the European Super League.

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