Rants and Ramblings: #StayLio

Warning: This post may contain adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

I do understand when fans get all worked up and insult players who they think are not performing up to their standards, or are not good enough to be part of a squad. What I can’t understand is the kind of crap that Lionel Messi has had to endure since he was called up for the first time to Argentina national team (amazingly enough, 10 years, 10 months and 10 days to the date of his “retirement”).

There’s a popular card game in Argentina called “Truco”, in which the ace of swords (it’s played with Spanish playing cards) trumps all other cards. People often think of Messi as Argentina’s ace of swords, forgetting that if it’s the only good card you have, you’re in trouble. His teammates routinely passed up the opportunity to assert themselves and happily turned all the pressure to Messi, which finally fed him up, leading to his resignation. The most egregious insult from fans is when they question his commitment to Argentina, or that he feels Spanish. Bollocks! He was the first to assume responsibilities that weren’t part of his personality. A humble, low-key character, he’s more of a leader by example, unlike Javier Mascherano, who is more of a vocal leader. It took less than a day after his quitting, for fans and the media to realize what a bunch of idiots they have been regarding Lio, and people started a social media campaigns to make him reconsider his decision.

My gut is that Messi is going to come back next year if Argentina is in danger of missing the World Cup, but first AFA has to become well organized, and secondly, have a new manager at the helm. My clairvoyant alter ego also says that Diego Simeone will be the next manager of Argentina.

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