Michael Emenalo: More to blame than anybody else for Chelsea’s downfall

It’s pretty obvious that something huge is wrong at Chelsea. This mysterious problem will take its toll next season if the defending champions do not figure out a solution soon. The club fired its soul, Jose Mourinho, and is lacking leaders. The blame game has continued on, and there’s one man in particular that’s managed to avoid it. But Michael Emenalo might be more to blame than anybody else for the unparalleled downfall of this football club.

Here’s why Michael Emenalo needs to leave Chelsea:

  1. No signings during the last Transfer Window – Even though sometimes it works out fine even if you don’t strengthen an already very strong squad, it can be said that that isn’t the case with Chelsea this season. Clearly, the lack of a significant addition to the squad during the summer has played a part in the epic downfall of the Blues in 2015/16, and perhaps, that of Jose Mourinho. Emenalo brought in players that lacked the excellent correlation between quality and experience that we’ve come to expect from Chelsea’s incomers, particularly Baba Rahman and Papy Djilobodji. Well, you might ask, but what about Pedro? The Spaniard hasn’t been at the level that we’ve seen him climb up to at Barcelona, and even though he had a bright start in which he scored two goals against West Bromwich Albion on a typical rainy night in London, there have only been glimpses of what he’s capable of doing since then.
  2. An Incredulous amount of Transfer failures – Although it must be said that Emenalo engineered some quite spectacular moves over the years, those are overwhelmingly overshadowed by the number of transfers that have never quite lived up to their hype. From the £50 million signing of Fernando Torres from Liverpool to the £21 million signing of Baba Rahman last summer, it’s a pretty amazing list consisting of players that have come through the Stamford Bridge doors and never been able to stamp their trademark on the club.
  3. Youth – Chelsea have by far the largest number of players that are currently out on loan. This just shows how misdirected the club is in its dealings with the next generation of players. What’s the point in getting so many players if you aren’t going to use them at some point?
  4. Communication Breakdown – When the Djilobodji signing was announced, Mourinho immediately said that it wasn’t him who made the decision to acquire the player, but the club’s hierarchy. And who has the most power at Stamford Bridge after Roman Abramovich? You guessed it, Michael Emenalo.

While Emenalo isn’t solely to blame for Chelsea’s disastrous campaign, he sucks up more than a fair share of the blame. (Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Mark Leech Sports Photography/Getty Images)

There’s a reason why managers are called ‘managers’. It’s part of their job description that they go and scout who they want to buy for their squad. It doesn’t work when you hand the manager a set of players that you scouted because you aren’t the one training them on a day-to-day basis.

Mourinho left Chelsea in a state of despair and lacking leadership. He was the central figure at Chelsea during his second spell after the quite carelessly handled departures of club legends Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, with help from Didier Drogba and Petr Cech. And after these two left, it was inevitable that there would be a lack of identity in this Chelsea team. Just one John Terry wouldn’t be enough.

Mourinho and Emenalo chatting during a pre-season friendly game in 2014.(Photo by Martin Stoever/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Mourinho masked this problem by grabbing the headlines for himself as if to cut his team some slack. But when no capable leaders emerged from the squad he had, eventually he probably reached his boiling point and started to criticize his players for their lack of commitment and desire, hoping beyond hope that this would spark some sort of rejuvenation. In the end, it was clear that Mourinho hadn’t gotten the players that he wanted, the leaders that he wanted, because guess what? He wasn’t solely in charge of transfers. There was one Michael Emenalo, Abramovich’s closest aide at Stamford Bridge.

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