Lucescu on the Super League: These discussions are based on Americans who think that this is a business, not a sport

Main coach Dynamo“Mircea Lucescu spoke about the creation of the European Super League.

“It is unacceptable for something like this to happen. At the heart of these discussions are Americans who want to do what they did in the US. They think this is a business, not a sport. The money will be split among shareholders. Don’t think that the big teams have enough structures to prepare the teams, for the academy, for all the players, I don’t think this money will go towards improving the structure of the clubs.

It would be a shame. Football started out as a grassroots sport, not a business. It was the sport of the workers in England. This is how he grew up. And now everything is collapsing into a bubble. Most importantly, the competitive spirit disappears.

This is the most important thing for football. The beauty of football was that small teams played big teams. This will completely hinder the development of football in other countries. There are countries that will not get there. This is not in the spirit of football,

 ”Mircea Lucescu said.

Recall that earlier such clubs as Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Milan, Inter, Juventus have officially announced joining the Super League.

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