England’s future is set to be bright as the next generation is starting to blossom

England’s future is in safe hands. Even though that might sound a bit like déjà vu considering the last time the English felt this way and thought that they might really be seeing the ‘Golden Generation’, it didn’t turn out very well. The likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, and, of course, Wayne Rooney, did not produce the goods when it mattered the most and left England’s World Cup aspirations unchanged. The English are perhaps the most underachieving footballing powerhouse when it comes to winning the World Cup, as they have won it only once, and that was back in 1966.The number of talented players that the English have been able to produce over the years has been quite remarkable, as that list can probably go on for the entire length of my body and then some. And yet, those players have failed to make a difference when the world is watching.

However, this time around, the outcome might turn out differently.

England’s captain may be set for a different role at the Euros this summer. (Photo via Getty Images)

This is arguably England’s best youth turnout in a century, as an absurd amount of young English players have started to blossom for their clubs. The few that aren’t young have been somewhat of a revelation, credit to Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City, and will be hopeful of making a big impact in the Euros during the summer.

Speaking of Premier League clubs and the impact they’ve made on the English team, Tottenham Hotspurs and Mauricio Pochettino have brought through, more or less, the entire lineup of England at the Euros. Dele Alli, who’s been nothing short of sensational this season, and the one that they call ‘One of Our Own’, aka Harry Kane, who’s also in the form of his life. These two are the most notable out of the English players that are at Spurs at the moment, as they will be the key in the attacking department for England.

Eric Dier has also been in stellar form this season helping keep things tidy at the back, while Danny Rose, well, no one expected him to play the way he’s been playing lately. His trickery on the ball and his running off the ball means that he’s transformed himself into a beast of a left-back.

While Spurs have been the specialists at bringing young English players through, Leicester, this season, have been specialists at revealing the great English players that no one took notice of before. And it goes without mentioning, these forgotten stars have been reigning superior to the Superstars in this Premier League title race this season and possibly for the seasons to come.

And Leicester might have even changed the way England are going to play in the Euros, as Ranieri has devised and shown a tactical plan for his team that works really well, and which might suit the characteristics and traits of the current England internationals.

Leicester’s fans have played almost as important a role in the club’s success thus far as the players themselves. (Photo via Getty Images)

And that is to play on the counter rather than possession football. If you think about it, England currently lacks midfielders who are really proficient in their passing range, which means that they are significantly outplayed in terms of quality during the big games against the likes of France, Germany, Spain, or even Belgium. But, these midfielders are big-time athletes and some of them are hugely gifted, specifically the likes of the previously acclaimed Alli, and Ross Barkley. While Henderson can be the reliable box-to-box midfielder, Alli and Barkley can produce those moments of ingenuity out of seemingly nothing, as well as play those delicate little one-twos to create big time scoring opportunities.

The striking department, though, is arguably the best that England has had in more than a decade. With in-form Vardy and Kane leading the Premier League golden boot race, they will be as close to a guarantee in terms of scoring goals as any team has ever had. Kane currently has 21 goals by his name in this Premier League campaign, just ahead of Vardy’s 19. These two will be magical to watch come the Euros. And, so too, will the rest of the England squad, supporters hope.

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