Daryl Janmaat to stay despite transfer rumours

Recent speculation has seen Daryl Janmaat become the main target of several sites’ rumour reports despite the fact he has recently reiterated his devotion to Newcastle United. The devotion became visible in the wake of a horrendous, self-inflicted injury after the Southampton loss.

Janmaat punched a brick wall in his team’s dressing room because of the team’s repeating losses and looming relegation, which became inevitable at the end.

He broke two fingers and was indefinitely out for most of the remaining games for Newcastle despite making a return in the last match against Tottenham where the Magpies ruined Spurs’ hopes of finishing second.

This allowed for the bitter rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham to escalate over social media as it meant St. Totteringham’s day was going to happen after all. St. Totteringham’s day is the name given for the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham will not be able to finish above Arsenal.

Despite these fun antics, Newcastle United’s situation with keeping players remained an overwhelmingly tense matter.

It has been made a little easier with the workhorse right-back Daryl Janmaat devoting himself to the club despite rumoured interest from Italian heavy-weights Juventus.

“The club is the most important at the moment”, he was reported as saying. Benitez also played a significant factor in the player’s mind, as Janmaat also said, “This is a big club and needs a big manager, that is Rafa Benitez.”

Newcastle United fans will be able to rest easy after this news from the club’s official website. This will go a long way into getting the Toons back up to the top flight.

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