Creating an Invincible team in FIFA 15 Career mode

FIFA 15 career mode can be a fun experience once you have built a dominant team. Until then, however, it can be quite challenging unless you sign with one of the big dogs(i.e. Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, etc.). In this post, I will share with you the team that I think will be ‘invincible’ if you make the effort to actually construct the team. Please note that I will provide at least 2 or 3 players for each position so that you are more flexible when getting them in the transfer market.

Position: Strikers(ST)

This Lyon Ace can really turn your club's fortunes around whether it's in-game or in the transfer market.

This Lyon Ace can really turn your club’s fortunes around whether it’s in-game or in the transfer market.

  • Alexandre Lacazette – This French-born attacker currently plays for Olympique Lyon, although he is constantly being linked to Europe’s elite clubs. And for good reasons, too. This guy has simply UNBELIEVABLE stats once he reaches his full potential of about 89+. Of course, being rated 82, he’s quite cheap at the beginning if you’re interested in buying him. I’ve been able to get him for as cheap as $25 million but you could potentially get him for an even cheaper price.
  • Paulo Dybala – Dybala was frequently being compared to Lionel Messi by his club manager during his time at Palermo. At just 21 years of age, he is a prolific goalscorer and master dribbler in the game. You should try to get him at the beginning of your career, however, to make sure that he grows to his full potential. I’ve gotten him to grow as far as 89 but you could get him to grow more than that.
  • Romelu Lukaku – This one’s a bit up to you. It might pay off handsomely, or it might be a lost project. For some careers, my Lukaku has gone on to grow into a beast of a striker rated 89 and he still had his prime years ahead of him. But, for most others, this guy was a lost project as he did not grow a single point during some seasons. He doesn’t come cheap though. In fact, you will have a hard time getting him for less than $35 million from Everton.
  • Richairo Živković – Although this Dutch striker is rated at a horrid 69, judging him by that rating would be a terrible mistake considering the fact that he’s just 18 years of age. You should let him play his football for Ajax for a couple of seasons though to make sure he grows properly. After that, you should be able to get him for roundabout $15 million. His specialty is that he is a really good finisher and I’ve even gotten this guy to grow to an 89 overall (At this point you are probably thinking that I’m making this up, but I can assure you, I am NOT).

Position: Attacking Midfielders(CAM)

This World Cup winner is a must have especially since you can get him for, wait for it, $0.

This World Cup winner is a must have especially since you can get him for, wait for it, $0.

  • James Rodríguez – I don’t think that there is simply any soccer fan out there in the world who doesn’t know, at least by now, who this guy is. Although I’ve never been able to buy him for one of my clubs because of his sky-high price, my recommendation would be that if you can afford him, you should buy him. During the time when I was playing as a manager at Real Madrid, I got him to grow to an overall of 91, although you will probably be able to get him to grow much more than that.
  • Christian Eriksen – Plan on buying Eriksen once he reaches an overall of 86 or more at Spurs. It is advised that you do not get him before that point because it’s been a pain for me to get him to reach his full potential whenever I have. But if you time your purchase perfectly though, you will have acquired an incredible playmaker, a freekick maestro, and a cool and calm finisher.
  • Isco – Perhaps seen by some as James’ understudy at the beginning of the season at Real, those doubters couldn’t have made a more wrong assumption. As Real’s season progressed, Isco proved himself to be a superb dribbler and crosser and finisher and an excellent player overall. Thanks to his unbelievable form with Real, EA upgraded his rating in FIFA from an 83 to an 84. But this is by no means his full potential. After you acquire this guy, you will be stunned by what his overall can grow to. I’ve gotten, somehow, to grow him to 90.
  • Juan Fernando Quintero – For those of you who just love plain old dribbling without using many skill moves, not that this player can’t do any, this is who you want to get. With his impressive body control and dribbling stats, you might not have more fun dribbling with anyone else in the game. You should try to buy him as soon as possible, being rated 77 at the start he’s not that expensive and will cost you about $15 million or maybe less. He sort of reminds me of Iniesta in real life. He’s not that thin though..

Position: Midfielders(CM/CDM)

  • MateoKovačić – Kovacic is an absolute must have if you are looking to create that perfect midfield. He is superb in possession and is excellent in every aspect of the game, even when it’s tracking back and defending. He’s also quite speedy for a central midfielder. But, DON’T acquire him until he at least reaches 80 at his current club. I’ve never been able to get him to grow whenever I made that mistake.
  • Marco Verratti – He is the creative guy that you want to have because he never loses the ball no matter how many players he has on him. He will make that defence-cracking through ball whenever you need him to. He won’t come cheap though as you will probably have a hard time getting him for anything less than $30 million from PSG.

Position: Left Midfielder/Left Winger(LM/LW)

This Brazilian's immense talent justifies the dependency that Brazil have on him, although not completely.

This Brazilian’s immense talent justifies the dependency that Brazil have on him, although not completely.

  • Eden Hazard- Hazard just finished yet another remarkable season with Chelsea and his talent is truly deserving of the player of the season award that he picked up at the end of this past Premier League campaign. So, perhaps it’s also well justified that he is the second ultimate option(or to some, the first) on the left side of the attack. You could have a hard time getting him though, both in virtual and real life, with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho not so long ago saying that Hazard will cost any potential buyer a “£100 million per leg”. But on a serious note, in the game, you probably won’t be able to get him for anything less than $90 million.
  • Marco Reus Seen by some as Borussia Dortmund’s savior, Reus is perhaps one of the most underrated players in FIFA. Even though some of you are probably saying that he’s not that young, why should we invest on him, I can tell you that this is the guy that’s your ideal replacement if you don’t have Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s not that expensive either, costing about $50 million. And when you consider that for that money you are getting a player that’s probably going to convert all of your free-kicks and bring you loads of goals, he’s a steal.
  • Memphis Depay – For those of you that are thinking far into the future, Depay is the player that you want to get. I’ve had some really tough luck trying to get him to grow and at least fulfill his potential, but if you just keep him for some seasons and give him a decent amount of playing time, he WILL grow. The best Depay I’ve had so far was rated 89 when he was 27 years old in the game. So, you just need to be patient with this guy and it will pay off.

Position: Right Midfield/ Right Winger(RM/RW)

  • Alexis Sanchez – The Chilean is a steal if you think in terms of two things: 1. He can grow to an overall of 93, and 2. You can get him for as little as $32 million.
  • Antoine Griezmann – This Frenchman has been fantastic since his move to Atletico Madrid in terms of goalscoring and producing. He has a bright future ahead of him and can play out on both wings while also, obviously, having the capability of playing as a striker. Expect to land him for about $40 million.

Position: Right Fullback/Right Wing-back(RB/RWB)

  • Carvajal – There aren’t many options for this position because not all right backs are rated as highly as Philipp Lahm. Regardless, Carvajal is a decent option as he can grow to 86 if given proper playing time. He is available for anything upward of $10 million.
  • Calum Chambers – He is definitely a rising star and a must-have. Trust me, you won’t even notice how fast he goes up to an overall of 80. He can grow way more than his potential of 83, but Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to let him go that easy and so you might have to deal more intelligently. I would suggest a sum of around $15 million but it could take more.

Position: Left Fullback/Left Wing-back(LB/LWB)

He is the 'dream' left-back for most FIFA fans.

He is the ‘dream’ left-back for most FIFA fans.

  • David Alaba – Alaba is a player that will last through your entire career on manager mode. He is the ultimate option for the left-back role and can have a sky-rocketing overall. He has grown, more often than not, to an overall of 89 for most of my clubs and it wasn’t even a finished career. Get Alaba at the beginning of your manager career and you might get a discount on his price. You can get him for as little as $25 million, but that price will double if you don’t act soon.
  • Luke Shaw – While not many of us might not know who he is, I’m pretty sure all Manchester United fans do. He is “destined” to be England’s next great left-back in the game. You can’t get him in the first transfer window since he just joined United. He will cost you a bit of money though as United won’t let their player go for less than $20 million. Shaw has grown to an overall of 85 in some of my careers and had me thinking whether I should just cash in on Alaba.

Position: Centre-backs(CB)

Varane's stats have been impressive at Real Madrid so far. No wonder other teams are just drooling to get him.

Varane’s stats have been impressive at Real Madrid so far. No wonder other teams are just drooling to get him.

  • Raphaël Varane – Varane is showing signs of a bright future at Real Madrid as a central defender. He is speedy, reads the game well, and also makes tackles that are accurate enough to be deemed impressive. He is the player that you want to base your defence around. Making him the captain for your team is also advisable. He has grown to an overall of 89 for most of the teams in which I had him. But, for the most part, I sold him after he had reached a good overall because of his lucrative demand in the market. For some reason, every other team was coming after my Varanes(I was like, what the hell?). Invest in Varane at the beginning of your manager career because Real Madrid won’t sell him any cheaper in the next season. He will get more expensive without his overall growing a significant amount.
  • Aymeric Laporte – This Athletic Bilbao defender starts out at a rating of 81 at just 21 years of age. That is the same as Varane’s overall and so it is somewhat of a surprise that he hasn’t joined a big team yet(no offense to Bilbao, of course). However, in the game, Bilbao won’t let him go for as cheap as you can get Varane for, and so you might have to pay something upward of $20 million to acquire his services. I would also suggest trying out different methods to get him to grow because I’ve had some trouble getting him to reach his full potential even when I gave him regular minutes of playing time. But, if you do succeed in that portion, you’ll have a world-class defender protecting your backline.
  • Marquinhos – Marquinhos is thought to be the successor of Thiago Silva in the Brazilian National Team. He is quick-paced and an excellent reader of the modern game, similar to Varane, although not as tall as the Frenchman and so obviously, not as good with headers. When you compare him to Thiago Silva, you will see that he’s not as physical as his club and country teammate. Regardless, he is an excellent option for a central defender as he grows very fast. Him and Varane’s overalls were mostly matching and growing at the same rate for many of my clubs.

Position: Goalkeeper(GK)

Having Courtois as your goalkeeper is like having a brick wall, except that it can move now.

Having Courtois as your goalkeeper is like having a brick wall, except that it can move now.

  • David De Gea – Well, most of you probably already know about his lightning-fast reflexes that he demonstrated with his immaculate saves during this past season with Manchester United. What was kind of surprising for me though, was seeing him grow to 92 during the last couple of seasons that I played in a career. It makes him an absolute must-buy, and if you’re like I am and like to show off about your team even though you’re playing against the computer, you will get both Courtois AND De Gea. NO WAY anyone’s scoring goals against you now..

Tip: Try making the lowest bid that is morally justifiable from your perspective for a player. When you make that bid, save your game before you do anything else and then advance with simulating the days. When you receive your response from the seller club, if it’s a rejection then quit the game without saving and try simulating your days again. This way, you can make quite a lot of bargains without paying over the price for a player. However, try not to use this method on multiple players at the same time as this will waste a lot of your real-life time.

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