Chelsea’s slump this season in a nutshell

Chelsea. It seems to be the only thing people talk about nowadays. Just in case you don’t know what I am trying to say, I will present the stats to you so that you understand just how severe the situation is. Chelsea have lost seven Premier League games so far this season having played twelve. Let me reiterate just in case you missed it again. They’ve lost SEVEN out of TWELVE! They have had a nightmare start to the season and from a neutral point of view, you wonder when it’s going to turn around for them. Understandably, Chelsea’s ludicrously egomaniac manager has been tormented and torn apart by the press and the media during this whole debacle, the latest round coming for a reported case of mutiny in the squad. Although that is yet to be proven as true, Mourinho hasn’t really made any big statements about rooting out the problem, and in many cases he has actually declined reports of there even being a crisis at the club. Even though we are mere mortals, Mourinho can’t possibly think that we are not seeing the clear-as-daylight signs that a Himalayan-size crisis is underway at Chelsea Football Club.

Roman Abramovich, the club owner, issued a vote of support through the club’s official site for Mourinho in late September. There are some who believed that if the club got rid of Mourinho at that point, they could have potentially hired Jürgen Klopp as the replacement, who in many eyes seemed like the perfect fit to re-energize this Chelsea team and get them back on track. However, since Mourinho’s public vote of confidence from Abramovich, he seems to have improved this Chelsea team the slightest bit. The improvements cannot be seen from the results that they’ve gotten because it still remains an area where the Special One needs some serious work done, but it can be seen from the increase in the work rate of the players. If things don’t go well for a club, the number one thing that they need to improve on before they do anything else is their own work rate. So, from a Chelsea fan’s perspective, that is a step in the right direction.

But, taking this too far and saying that they have turned their season around with those performances will be a blatant overstatement. Chelsea’s season will only be turned around with a string of good results. So, when they are still encumbering woeful defeats against opponents that they should beat on paper, one couldn’t possibly be thinking that this could be the sign that they have turned their fortunes around.

They have taken the first steps, now all they need to do is make some luck and get some results. When you put it that way, it seems like Mourinho has improved the Sisyphean task he had only two or three weeks ago when even their performances were suggesting that the players had given up. Results will be the only thing that is still left on Mourinho’s checklist because everything else seems to be going on song. The light is shining brighter than ever at the end of the tunnel and it will shortly be the time when the Chelsea players look at it with confidence, instead of fear and surprise. And when they do, they will thrash somebody. Look out.

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