Barcelona – Dynamo 2: 1. Excellent game with unsatisfactory results

To be honest, this game exceeded the wildest expectations. Instead of being on the defensive for the entire match, Dynamo created multiple moments at the Camp Nou, confidently held the ball, acted on an equal footing with Barcelona, ​​even without half of the base, which fell ill with COVID.

In fact, the Ukrainians failed only the starting 10 minutes, when Barca pressed them and created at least three correct chances. Lucky for Pedri to hit the bar and Griezmann … Well, as usual this season.

The only goal that the Catalans squeezed out of the starting activity was scored by MessiDenis Popov applied a technique from the arsenal of his passion Daria Bilodid to the Argentine legend, and Leo did not miss the point.

After that it seemed that it was all over, and soon Barca would score the second, third. After yesterday’s extravaganza of “Gladbach” against “Shakhtar” everything seemed to be happening. However, instead of this, “Dynamo” quite unexpectedly seized the initiative and moved on to their attacks, as if not noticing the timid pressure of the hosts.

And it started. Buyalsky was the first to hit his head from ten meters without hindrance, but Ter Stegen, who returned exactly to the meeting with “Dynamo”, repulsed the punch. Then Kendzer tried his luck – and again the German goalkeeper parried in the splits. Kiev attacked quickly, sweepingly, Tsygankov and, especially, Gerson Rodriguez, who completely won the flank against Dest, entered the game well. “Barca” somehow caught on only at the end of the half, but Nescheret won his episodes.

The 18-year-old goalkeeper was generally cool – his save in the second half after Messi’s trademark free kick would probably fly around the Internet. But ter Stegen played even better. The collapsed “Barca” allowed “Dynamo” to create moment after moment, but every time the German turned out to be better than the Kiev forwards. He repelled two (!) Exits on his own from Tsygankov and one from Supryaga. When Kendzera scored after a corner kick, it turned out that the ball crossed the line in the air. Terrible bad luck!

And if you do not score, they score for you. The role of the executioner of the intrigue was played by Gerard Piquet, who successfully approached the standard.

“Dynamo” again did not give up and, finally, scored – Tsygankov was accurate on finishing off after another save of Ter Stegen. But Mircea Lucescu’s team never made it to a draw. Although, in truth, she played enough even more.

Alas, no points are awarded for great football, so Dynamo has one point left in the table. Barça has as many as 9 balls, and it is half a step from reaching the playoffs.

3rd round of the Champions League. Barcelona. “Camp Nou”

Barcelona – Dynamo – 2: 1

Goals : Messi, 5 (penalty), Pique, 66 – Tsygankov, 75

Barcelona : ter Stegen – Dest, Pique, de Jong, Alba – Busquets (Lenglet, 74), Pjanic (Sergi Roberto, 60) – Pedri (Aleña, 83), Messi, Fati (Trinkau, 74) – Griezmann (Dembele , 60)

Dynamo : Nescheret – Kendzera, Zabarny, Popov, Shabanov – Shepelev, Andrievsky, Buyalsky (Lednev, 86) – Tsygankov, Supryaga (Verbic, 71), Gerson (de Pena, 71)

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