A chic model who became a judge in the Ukrainian championship and suffered in the Carpathian derby. PHOTO

The derby of the two “Karpaty” was remembered not so much by the result and by the football as by the curious moment, the video of which flew around the Internet.

The defensive midfielder of the team from Galych Nazar Verbny effectively took Christina Kozorog to the hip of the main referee of the meeting.

The girl has an extremely interesting story.

From an early age, Christina was fond of football and planned to transfer her hobbies to the professional plane.

However, the injury prevented the beauty from becoming the new Martha or Alex Morgan.

But it’s not for nothing that they say that some doors are closed, while others are opened.

Kristina began her modeling career, paraded on the catwalks of Ukrainian Fashion Week and even took part in the Miss Ukraine Online contest.

However, the love of sports prevailed, and therefore the girl decided to leave the spotlights and return to the green lawn.

She went to referee school, worked at regional and youth level matches for several years, after which she was promoted to the Second League.

It was not easy, many are still not ready to perceive women as equals.

In 2018, Kristina suffered from the coach of Minaya (at that time) Igor Kharkovshchenko, who advised her to “have children, not referee matches.”

Time has passed, the specialist has been out of work for two years, and the girl is still working, continuing her path to her dream – UPL.

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