Barca vs. Atleti: It’s tomfoolery to even try to predict the outcome

On the face of it, the job looks all too simple. The last two encounters between the two teams in La Liga produced 2-1 results, both in favor of Barcelona. The chance to make some dough almost seems to good to miss up.

However, ignoring the sensational events that occurred during both of those games is just nonsensical. There is almost a certainty that somebody will be sent off. There is nearly an equal probability of the player that will be sent off being a representative of Atleti, rather than Barca. Just to bring back some memories, remember this tackle?

Now, now, easy there. The Liga officials somehow deemed it appropriate for the ban resulting from the straight red card to be reduced to only two games. How that happened we have no clue, but here are some popular thoughts in case you feel outraged.

Wednesday’s clash will undoubtedly bring back painful memories, regardless of which team you support, since Atleti kind of, you know, lost both of the actual games.

Admittance of your fear, though, especially if you are someone playing in the fixture, is probably not a very good idea. The problem is, Luis Suarez simply cannot help himself.

The MSN are in their usual business mode ahead of this game. (Photo via Getty Images)

Anyhow, both teams are on the back of impressive results, though it must be said that Leganes and Sporting Gijon are anything but a proper match for the two sides that have aspirations for a treble. There aren’t any significant injuries heading into the game. Whether or not anyone will be left uninjured afterwards, however, is an entirely different proposition.

As far as expectations go, don’t expect anything but a feisty and physical affair. Plenty of fights, plenty of name-calling, plenty of ‘career-ending’ tackles, and hopefully (please dear God), plenty of goals.

It’s perhaps better if you just skip over the second part, and stopped reading with ‘don’t expect anything’. There’s only 100% chance that you may get the prediction right, after all.

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