Ligue 1: Are Paris Saint-Germain stronger since Zlatan’s departure?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves a gigantic hole whenever he leaves from any club. However, after leaving France, and against popular belief, it seems to be PSG who seem to have recouped better from the breakup.

The acquisition of Unai Emery from Sevilla, a man who’s truly a specialist at winning one particular knockout competition, the Europa League, was seen as a brave move by many. Change didn’t necessarily need to happen, but change did happen. Laurent Blanc took this team as far as he could. The board officially said that out of all the years that Blanc’s been there, this past season was one where they felt the team regressed in its objective of winning the Champions League.

So they chose to make a cunning move. And it could work to devastating effect if PSG’s preseason is anything to go by. The overall fluidity in the movement of the attacking players, besides Cavani, has been very impressive to watch. Edinson Cavani will finally have his role in the centre of the forward line. The talent of the creative midfielders available at Paris Saint-Germain’s disposal was somewhat masked by Zlatan’s presence when the Swede was the focal point of everything that La Parisiens did.

Zlatan’s departure was a realization that was bound to happen, and it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Fortunately, it didn’t leave PSG in the swamp like many critics thought it would. Obviously, they will miss the brand exposure that came with Zlatan’s inclusion in the team, and the attraction he brings to the table when it comes to buying players (Just look at Man Utd).

Unai Emery presented somewhat of a gamble when PSG hired him. Things certainly do look bright in the early days, though. (Photo via Getty Images)

However, given the strong academy that PSG have built since the takeover from Qatar Investment Authority, they don’t necessarily need to add more world class options to their current squad. Some of their academy prospects are frighteningly good, perhaps in keeping with the current influx of young French talents that have already begun on their route to stardom.

Emery has been quick to establish a new, more entertaining style to PSG. Instead of dominating 90% of the possession and doing more or less nothing with it except for going sideways and backwards, and occasionally forwards when they feel like it, they are now more about scoring goals and pressing higher up the pitch. Don’t be surprised if PSG end up winning a quadruple this year.

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