FIFA Mobile: How you can take advantage of our expertise in producing coins

As EA have made it impossible to transfer coins from one account to another through its use of the clever (and suspectedly coin-laundering) bot, how can we still be selling coins in our store is a question you probably didn’t ask yourself, but now that I’ve just said it, you probably are.

Well, when we figured this situation out, it got us thinking. Really thinking. We couldn’t transfer coins from one account to another. We didn’t want to sell accounts filled with coins, because, well, people like to stamp their own mark on their team, and when you’re selling them random accounts with usernames like ‘jkljsdslkjf’ or ‘lkjaskjisz’, they might feel somewhat like they’ve stolen someone else’s identity.

So, the question remained. What could we do to help those that needed coins in the game without having to spend their otherwise scheduled busy hours in it?

And thus arose a solution.

What if you could rent the cow instead of buying the milk?

What if you could rent one of our so-called coin-making experts to get in touch and fill your account with your desired amount of coins?

Although there is the matter of us handling your account, and the consequential issues with privacy that may come along, we hope that in time people will learn to trust our individuals, and that we will not hamper with any of your private stuff, like change your username, or password, in the game or through Facebook, ever. The process works like this:

  • You place an order.
  • We discuss who’s going to fulfill the order through our messaging app, and get in touch with you via email.
  • You’ll give us your username and password for Facebook, as well as any additional security bypasses that may be needed should there be any troubles.
    • You can change your password after we fill your order, if that gives you the peace of mind. But, we promise we’ll never do anything that may alter any of your account settings, nor will we actually log in to Facebook as you other than within the game.
  • When we’ve made enough profit from the transfer market to fulfill your desired amount of coins, whoever worked with your account will send you an email saying the order is completed, and that you can use your account once again.

For us to help you make coins, you’ll need to have at least 10,000 coins in your account, as well as have your account linked to Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account and would like to create one, go here.

For questions or concerns regarding this whole process, or really, anything, email us at

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