FIFA Mobile: 6 trading methods to becoming a millionaire

As we know, FIFA is the most popular game when it comes to sports. It’s numbers are staggering (more than 100 million copies sold by 2010) and unmatched by any other game in its genre. While PES is putting together a fine tailgating ploy, most fans remain unconvinced about the Japanese company’s vision, and whether it’ll ever be as good and addictive as its wildly popular counterpart.

FIFA Mobile, introduced this year to be played on mobile devices, is a mashup of Madden Mobile—probably due to the huge popularity of the latter. The platform for Madden Mobile is a much better suit for mobile devices than EA’s previous attempts, where they tried to recreate the console gaming idea, FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), on cell phones and tablets. One noticeable change when you compare FIFA Ultimate Team from last year with FIFA Mobile of the current year is how much faster the system seems to work. Granted, EA’s servers, as usual, are complete crap, but it’s still an upgrade from the turtle speed of previous versions of the game.

Then there’s the overall gameplay. It seemed at one point EA was over-complicating things. But now, they’ve finally made FIFA fun to play on hand-held devices. The revamped Attack Mode (see Madden Mobile’s Head to Head Mode) is a rewarding experience.

So, the game’s pretty good. But how can you master it? How will you be able to play with your dream team?

There’s only one way to do this without spending money: putting hours into the game each day. Any smart person will figure out loopholes and profitable investments if they keep looking. Whether it be a specific plan from the Plans section, or a particular player, if you keep looking you’ll witness gaps and be able to make coins off it.

But, the absolute one thing you should not and cannot do is spend your coins on packs. Yes, the “12 gold or better players” line is tempting; but it’s meant to be tempting. In fact, there’s a reason EA don’t put a price on FIFA Mobile (and don’t utilize third-party advertising), believe it or not. They don’t need to. From EA’s investor release, it can be inferred that the FUT system (and FIFA Mobile) rakes in north of $1B from things such as FIFA points. All while delivering you sensations like Emmanuel Adebayor and Peter Crouch.

Needless to say at this point, but you’re really doing more harm than good to your chances of building your dream team by buying packs.

Following is a list of things you can do to increase your coins:

  1. Player trading – Seemingly the most popular method, it’s not my definite personal favorite. Mainly because it takes an enormous amount of time (particularly if you’re starting out midseason, when it gets really competitive) and provides very little actual profit per player when you account for EA’s ridiculous 10% tax. But, regardless, here’s how it works:
    1. You search for a player with a minimum rating of 70 from the market.
    2. You try and buy for the absolute lowest you seem to actually be able to buy at before others snipe them right before your very eyes. If you’re reading this close to the time of writing, the maximum price should be right around 1400 coins.
    3. You sell them for a profit of a few hundred coins. Obviously, you’ll reap much better rewards if you check the market price of each individual player and set the sell price that way, but that consumes a huge amount of time. Generally, the consensus to go with is to search players by ratings—for example, you’d search for 72 rated players without setting a price constriction—and selling for close to the lowest price that you see at which they are selling.
  2. Gold Player Trade-In Plan – This is definitely my personal favorite. Instead of selling the players that you buy using the above outlined method, you can and should trade them for a pack of 10 trophies. Now, obviously, chance is not something people want to contemplate and play with on their route to success, but this trade-off is somehow different. Of the zillions of times I’ve done this plan, an elite trophy—the ultimate return for investment for this plan—has shown up once every 4 packs. This can obviously be different for you, but chances are that if you repeat this trade-in a few times, you’ll get your money (~14,000 coins ideally) back, and then some. 
    • A note of caution: Refrain from trading in the gold, silver, and bronze trophies that you accumulate for a Quicksell pack. Chances of you getting the 1,000,000 quicksell is about the same as you getting Messi or Ronaldo in a Pro Pack. Speaking of, what the hell happened to Pro Packs
  3. Team Celebration Plan – Every week EA recognizes the teams that perform stupendously well (wins by 5 goals) in their domestic league competitions by having their Team Crest be eligible for a trade-in that can reward you with up to 10 random Team Crests. At the time of writing, this plan has the potential to make you 70,000 coins in profits. Quite a lot of dough, that.
  4. Team Crest trading – Buy as low as you can, and then sell for the average market price. Tip: After setting all the criteria in the search menu, if you keep tapping on where the hypothetical first item would show up, and hitting reload when there’s no item, you have a better shot at buying them before others. Keep refreshing, and keep tapping. New items typically get on the market between intervals of roughly 4 minutes.
  5. Silver Player Trade-In Plan – It worked wonders for me in Madden Mobile, but seems not to have the same sort of variety in FIFA Mobile. I’ve found it impossible to get an elite trophy with this plan, though it remains one of my favorites because it takes so little investing to get one done. About 4000 coins is the amount you should ideally spend to complete a set of 10 players to get this plan done. Gold trophies are a common occurrence—though it’s also quite common to get all 6 bronze trophies. Try to move into the aforementioned Gold Player Trade-In Plan once you have more coins to invest.
  6. International Cup Trade-In Plan – If you visit the market and search for elite international cups, you’ll notice that there’s a major difference in price between them. The Asia Cup typically costs much lower (about 20-30k lower) than the others, and in the case of the Africa Cup, about 100k lower. You need to have an elite cup and an elite trophy to get this plan done, and it can only be completed once every 3 days. Although sometimes it can be frustrating when you get a cup that’s of a similar value to your original (and thus losing an elite trophy in the process), the chance to make 100,000+ coins in profits is too good to pass up.

Which method(s) do you like best? Comment below and we could add it to the list!

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