Cristiano Ronaldo Going Light At Practice Sessions After Leg Sprain

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo will dress for the Camp Nou classic next Saturday, despite having finished up the last match against Sporting de Gijon with a seriously strained left thigh. According to the Spanish media outlet ‘Cadena SER’, the Portuguese superstar suffered the injury an the final moments of the match as a result of fatigue.

Nonetheless, images show that Ronaldo has been practicing with the squad this week. The Real Madrid coaching staff and management are being cagey as to the exact nature and severity of Ronaldo’s leg injury,.

They did announce that French striker Raphael Varane is being worked back onto the active roster after having missed the last league match with a bruised knee.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury didn’t seem to be serious at first, reports have surfaced that he has been going at it lightly in training sessions throughout the week. It appears that Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane doesn’t want to risk not having his star forward ready tor the upcoming match against FC Barcelona.

Jose Mourinho Might get slapped with a Fined.

Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho kicked a water bottle when his club drew with West Ham on Sunday. Right after that he was sent on the stands. He’s bracing for impact with the Football Association’s charge.

Obviously, he has the notion that some individuals are looking down on him. That was after he came out and bluntly claimed that his opponent Arsene Wenger gets more respect than he does.

It’s not clear though whether he meant the football Association or some people in the masses. Either way, he feels that the respect he deserves has been limited.

Could it be because Wenger did the same thing back in 2009 when Arsenal lost to United- kicked a bottle, was sent to the stands and shortly after got an apology from the referee?

Besides, United soccer fans are facing huge drawbacks this season. Just last month they had a goalless draw with Liverpool. And after a series of loses and draws they are 6 th in Premier League. Now the pressure to perform is unbearable on the club’s officials, more so Mourinho.

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